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About Me


I am a retail investor and book author who truly believes financial freedom is accessible to everybody!

I have built on my own several reliable income streams through various portfolios, utilizing strategies such as Smart Beta, Dividend Growth, and Crowdfunding of Real Estate.

With years of experience in investing and personal finance, I have identified vital metrics and methods for selecting stocks and setting up an investment portfolio that I now want to share with beginners and experienced investors through my books and blog articles.

I have a practical and straightforward approach to investing, and you won't find any dry theories or fluff in my content; every sentence is easy to understand and packed with valuable insights.

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Check My Investing Portfolios


This is my portfolio, where I act as a popular investor. This is a low-risk portfolio that aims to exceed the return of the S&P 500 while maintaining the same volatility.


This is my medium-risk portfolio where I aim to take advantage of market opportunities that I spot.

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This is my Dividend Growth oriented portfolio.

Check Out My Books

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Where Else You Can Find My Work

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